How to care of an elder dog

You can’t imagine your life without your pet. No matter what pet you’d like to adopt a cat or a dog you will always love him. When your pet gets older, you may notice him becoming sluggish a little, sleeping more, and probably getting a bit rigid at times. Another thing you will also see is the irritating puppy period is gone, and your dog and you get along so well that he becomes an real member of your family. You can make this phase of your pet’s life better with a bit extra care as he is aging. To find more information visit cat adoption Toronto resource.

Aged dogs may have more problems eating solid food, if your dog needs to have his teeth pulled so you should change solid food for canned one because it might be easier for your pet to eat.

Follow your vet’s recommendations as for feeding your elder pet. Aged dogs may get fat very quickly, so you should keep your pet on a special diet. Obesity is really a very spread problem in dogs. Keep an eye on your dog’s health condition.

Such ingredients as glucosamine, Yucca and chondroitin will help to avoid arthritis. If your pet has suffers from joint pain use dog treats containing chondroitin and glucosamine.

What your dog eats being young may influence his health condition when he gets older.

If you notice your dog moving around more slowly than usual it may mean that he has pains and aches. Take your pet for short walks and do some easy exercises with him to prevent your dog from becoming too stiff.

Don’t make your dog overheated, but keep him in a warmer place of the house rather than in a cool one. Cold can cause your pet to feel arthritic pains. If you walk your dog in a chilly weather take care of dressing him warm. Buy heating pillows for your pet to sleep on.

As dogs are getting old they can frequently have severe health problems. The dog’s health condition much depends on food he was given being a puppy. The best way to keep your pet in a good condition is to visit the vet regularly. Like people dogs can suffer from different diseases such as diabetes, cancer, thyroid problems and many others.

Dogs can go decrepit. They tend to become disoriented. Help your dog to be safe and relaxed at this stage. Keep him in a smaller space. Make sure that the doors that lead to the basement or other dangerous are closed. Keep the dog quiet and stress free.

Very often older dogs become blind and lose hearing. Make your house safer for your old pet, especially particularly if he is blind.

If your dog is dropping weight or have some problems with kidneys, stomach or heart, you should take him to a vet to be examined. If your dog is getting fat you should take it to be checked for diabetes.

With good care you can help your senior dog have a happy, healthy, life.

Dogs are our friends. If you are interested in adopting a dog, you can find more options online.

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