How You Can Help Animals

The recent tragedy surrounding Cecil the Lion has brought a new awareness to the plight of many of our wild animals. It may seem too daunting to try and help Africa’s endangered animals but there are things you can do to help animals closer to home. Consider volunteering or contributing to the Binder Zoo through Battle Creek MI animal adoption. You can adopt one of their animals and your monthly gift will go towards their care. You’ll get a certificate, photo fact sheet and be able to keep track of your adopted animal. This is especially great for classrooms and children’s groups. Another way to help animals closer to home is to volunteer at the zoo or your local animal shelter.

Shelters are always looking for people willing to foster animals and help care for and socialize the ones up for adoption. You can also help by donating food, blankets and other items they may need. If you are so inclined, you can also remember the zoo or your favorite shelter in your will. Another way you can help animals is to educate your children about them and to respect them, and to not by items made of animal fur.

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