Keeping Your Pets Safe Over the Festive Period


The festive season is here and with the period comes many visitors, decorations, and big feasts for the whole family to enjoy.  Steve, at My Pawson says, “Your pets can be just as important as anybody else who comes to dinner. Unfortunately there are a variety of hazards unique to the season that can affect dogs and cats.” Here is a breakdown of all the things you should be aware of to make sure your pets stay safe throughout your celebrations.


Xmas Food and Your Pets

Inevitably, there’s going to be a lot of food around your house in the next few weeks, and most of it will probably last until long after the guests have all gone home. These treats aren’t just tempting to you, but dogs and cats as well. From turkey to biscuits, fudge to bones, all the delicious dinners you’re preparing are making your pet scheme about how to get a piece of the action for themselves.

You might be a pet owner who sees no problem in sharing some table scraps with your pet, or you could be strict, but either way it’s best to stay vigilant. Dogs love to chew on bones, but it’s actually a bad idea. Bones can easily splinter and cause internal lacerations with serious consequences. Chocolate, especially dark and rich chocolate like you might use for baking can cause vomiting, diarrhea, urination, seizures, and most seriously, heart problems in your pets. Dogs especially should be discouraged from ingesting chocolate goodies.

Many people also keep a supply of nuts around the house for snacking at this time of year, but they may not know that almonds, walnuts and pistachios are notorious for obstructing throats and intestinal tracts in pets. If you want to avoid a costly and stressful emergency trip to the vet over these winter weeks, keep these items far out of reach from your critters.


Festive Decorations

At this point, your home might be twinkling like a star from tinsel, ornaments, and candles. While it looks pretty to you, it’s probably driving your pet mad with temptation to tear it all down and play with it. As news outlets around the world are reporting, these decorations pose serious health risks to your cats and dogs. The most danger comes from the possibility of chomping down  on a shiny object or ingesting it. Ornaments could easily cut their mouths, tinsel can cause serious stomach problems, and candles could be a serious fire risk. Light strands can also lead to electrocution or shock if somebody decides to start chewing on the cord.

If you’re using these decorations around pets this year, make sure to keep them well out of reach whenever possible. You know your pets better than anybody else, so just keep them in mind when selecting new decorations or placing them around the house. You might also minimize the amount of time that decorations are in the open by choosing to only put them out when guests come over, or putting certain things away when you’re not home.

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