Tips on Getting Pets Ready for Baby

You probably think of your pet(s) as your babies especially if you had them before you had an actual baby. Now that you are ready to start a family, what is going to become of your pet? The idea is to grow your family not shrink it, so of course, the pet is going to stay. According to an article on WebMD, pets are adults ‘first baby’ and like with any new addition to the household, there will be a little concern over how the furry baby will get alone with the human baby. In addition to making the family larger, a human baby will draw more attention from the adults and the pet could start to lose its connection with people. Human babies require a lot of work and care and it could be difficult to give attention to both the little human and the furry babies. There are steps that you can take to let your pet know that they still have a place in your life. These steps include: For dogs, you might want to expose them to baby sounds from a CD along with baby lotion and powder before baby arrives to get them use to the scent. Be sure your cats always have access to clean litter boxes, food, water, and resting places to seek refuge from the little one. In another article it suggested that you prepare your pet for your new baby’s arrival by following these simple steps: have them neutered or sprayed, have your pet checked out at the vet, be sure your pets nails are always trimmed, address any bad behaviors, get your pet use to different sounds, discourage them from jumping onto places that could be hazardous for baby, keep your pet out of the baby’s room, and have friends with littles ones visit to get your pet used to babies.

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