True Friendship


The bond between man and dogs is a lasting one. Who knew that early wolf domestication (some 15,000 years ago) would lead to such a friendship? Currently, there are around 400 million dogs worldwide. We’ve created many breeds throughout the years for a variety of functions. Big and small, there are dogs used for herding, hunting, protecting, aiding and cuddling. Time and time again, dogs have proven to be loyal companions and protectors.

Whether you are have a bad or good day, your dog…your buddy is always there for a lending ear or a big hug. Did you know that dogs are as smart (linguistically as a two year old? They can also understand up to 250 words and gestures and count up to five.

And even more than emotional support, a dog will protect you from any potential harm. It is easy to see why they are friends till the end. It could be a sudden noise in the night or someone ringing the doorbell, what matters to a dog is your safety. Your dog’s hearing is five times better than yours (50,000-65,000 cycles per second, compared to our 20,000). Yes, in these modern times, a barking dog is annoying…but they have their hearts in the right place.

When you are away, do you ever question the safety of your pet…whether he or she is safe from potential break-ins, fires, floods or carbon monoxide? So many things can happen unexpectedly, but you can be better prepared with ADT home monitoring.

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