What Are the Best Horse Fencing Options?

Horse fencing should be safe, durable and economical. With the right horse fence, horse owners can have the best of both worlds with materials that will stand the test of time and still look beautiful on their property. With continued technological advances in horse fence manufacturing, owners can customize their horse area fencing to effortlessly meet all of their needs.

Finding the right fencing to suit both your needs and the needs of your horses can be a very large investment, so it pays to do your research and find the right fence materials the first time.

The Best Modern Horse Fencing Options

Mesh Fences

If predators are a concern on your property, mesh fences can be a great way to keep your horses safe and out of harms way. With a regular maintenance schedule to repair any imperfections or damage to the mesh fencing, this is a great option for more rural areas. Because of their versatility, mesh fences are suitable for both large and small horses.

This fencing option is also a safe option for area where other household pets and children may frequent. When choosing this option, horse owners should keep in mind that the mesh material is less visible to horses than many other common fencing materials. This can lead to problems down the line, as horses are notoriously far sighted.

Electric Fences

Electric fencing works best to protect horses when used in combination with an existing fencing system. This type of fence is ideal for teaching horses to stay off of the fence or to keep them from putting their heads through the rails into areas where they don’t belong. Horse owners can choose from mesh, wire, roped and braided materials for their electric fences that will easily suit their specific needs.

In addition to providing protection from outside dangers, electric fences can also work to correct undesirable behaviors like leaning and chewing. Just remember, because electric fencing can be dangerous, most experts do not recommend them for use as a primary boundary.

Flexible Fences

This strong, flexible and highly visible fencing offers horse owners the perfect combination of safety with a sleek, visually appealing design. Unlike traditional tensioned fence systems, Bounce Back horse fencing features innovative hardware and materials that allow the fencing to be easily re-tensioned, preventing expensive and time consuming maintenance. This keeps your fence looking brand new for a long time.

This modern fencing option was designed with horses in mind and provides them with the perfect flexible fencing system to cushion and minimize impact injuries. Manufactured from the highest quality materials and reinforced with state-of-the-art UV and heat stabilization technology, owners can enjoy a longer lifetime than traditional fencing materials.

As an added bonus, the flexible Bounce Back horse fencing system is easy to install, saving horse owners time and money. Perfect for everyone from large stud farms to equestrian training centers and smaller farms, Bounce Back horse fences are the most modern and versatile option on the market today.


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